Saturday, January 23, 2010

My weight after Three kids

So here I am, writing about about my weight, wow I never thought I would be talking about this subject, but I am, so here I go. I was always considered too skinny, people would tell me that I was way to skinny you look so unhealthy! Now wait a min, if I ever told a heavy person that they are way to fat, that would considered rude even mean. It goes both ways. Its not as if I was doing everything in my power to be so skinny , its just the way I was , I would eat everything in sight just to gain weight. Even after my first two kids, I was still really skinny, so after my daughter Sophia who is my second child, I weighed 115lbs. I am 5'7; so my goal was to weigh 125lbs I figured I would eat fatty foods but still eat healthy I started going to the gym to put some muscle on. I thought it was a good idea until I never saw 125lbs all of a sudden I was 135lbs. and it never stopped going up from there, I had my third child, um lets just say I am heavier now then when I was at 9 months pregnant with him..what in the world happened? So here is my theory...It all turned around when I turned 21, what changed I was able to drink alcohol, now don't get me wrong that thing called your metabolism it stopped, so here I am eating whatever I wanted drinking a margarita whenever I wanted, not thinking about gaining weight, I mean who thinks about that when your eating a wounderful meal and enjoying yourself with your friends and family, I was always like bring it on, appetizers, seconds please, dessert of course are you kidding me, and keep the cocktails coming. Now 165lbs later I going what happened? How did I gain all this weight? Its has to be baby fat. But my youngest son is two now, and not only did I not loose the baby fat, I gained 30lbs. over the past two years. So instead of complaining to my husband anymore I have decided to get a grip, take a deep breath, and do something about it. So what did I do? I went back to the gym, but this time to shed some pounds, get tone, feel good ,feel sexy, and live life to the fullest. I changed, not what I eat but how much I eat, I love food, I cut down on when and how often I drink alcohol, I still enjoy it all just in moderation. I go to the gym five days a week, I started taking a spin class two days a week, cardio and weight on the other three days, it feels so good. With my kids I had them cut down on their T.V watching and had them get more active. I feel it the whole family is on board its easier for me to stay on track. I also do Zumba at home, and Jaden my two year old does it with me, he's so cute if I don't put the video on he will start it for me, he's my little workout partner at home. So I'm hoping I will be where I want to be in one year.So that's my goal. I will be blogging about my status every day starting Monday 26,2010.Please feel free to post your thoughts, good or bad. I will be posting the good, the bad, and the ugly. What I ate for the day, what workout I did, or if I just sat on the couch and ate bond bonds. So wish me luck:) And if anyone wants to join in on the fun, lets get fit for ourselves.