Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So my family and I went to Loon Lake over the weekend.What a trip, it was so beautiful,so peaceful.The weather was perfect, and the water was warm.My kids had a blast.My youngest who is '19 months old; got so dirty within the first 5min of arriving at our campsite; head to toe covered in dirt with a big smile on his face: that was so priceless. Then there is the princess of the house my '6 year old daughter who is more of a tom boy then a girlygirl,and is right with her brother getting as filthy as she possibly can, and yes she accomplished it.Its camping,so its their only chance to get as dirty as they can.I'm a bit of a clean freak with my kids.So when we go camping I go a little crazy. If there were showers, I would not have cared as much, But my husband managed to get a campsite without showers; even tho I told him there better be a shower,he said they were only 5min away!But to my surprise when we arrived they turned out to be 45min away. So I threw them in the lake. But we did have lovely volt toilets!That had to be the high light of our trip, our campsite got a lovely aroma filtering threw it a few times a day. Nothing beats that smell during a meal.

My husbands parents joined us as well as his brother who is '10 years old his sister, her husband, their 2 year old son, And two of our close friends.We had a good time. Our husbands played games all day while the wife's took care of the kids, cooked, and kept the campsite picked up. Come to think of it; we did pretty much what we do when were home.But yet my husband calls it a vacation.

We had a good time, had great food, and great conversations.We sat around the campfire at night, just laughed, and had some cocktails, while the kids roasted marshmallow's.My oldest son who is '12 likes to conversant with the adults, however I find it quite funny he's starting to act as if he is to cool to play with the other kids.He tries to joke around with us, we can't help but laugh because his jokes are so far from being funny, but yet so funny all at the same time.He's so cute.

Even tho camping is allot of work for the women, it's so worth it. Our kids had a blast; it was a great way to bond with my in laws.I do have great in laws, I adore them. They are a great example of how an amazing marriage should be, lots of love, and affection. Great communication, lots of laughing, and trust.

So take your family camping, but make sure you have shower's and flushing toilet's.