Saturday, July 25, 2009

No peace in the bathroom!

So how does a women with three kids and a husband not go bonkers? Well face it there is no way out of it.I'm a stay at home mom. Trying to have a min of me time does not happen I can't even go to the bathroom without one of the kids walking in, or my husband saying what are you doing,Umm... the last time I checked there are only a hand full of things I could be doing in the bathroom.what does it matter, why ask Unless I've been in the bathroom for more then an hour which never happens then start to worry..Can't a women poop in peace or take a shower and shave her legs once a week okay once a month? I mean I don't walk in when my husband is going to the bathroom, Unless he can't find the toilet paper..Help! And the kids pounding on the door crying as if I left them forever..That alone makes me bonkers...


  1. I can certainly sympathise with you.. yes we are allowed to go bonkers but we have to recover fast.
    That's our special gift as mothers, we don't need to go when we have to and we are given 4 pairs of hands to handle everyone and we have the ability to beam ourselves from place to place and know it all.
    Somehow.. we survive on love. ..cheers & God Bless

  2. Hello rockymom,
    I saw your post on the help page looking for followers. I am a mom of 3 kids too. I had to laugh when you wrote that you just want some time OCCASIONALLY for yourself....GOD forbid! I wrote almost the same thing on my second entry posted just today. Check me out

  3. I am also a stay at home, Mom 2 Four, I experienced the same things as you ,When my youngest was little he would walk right with me to the toilet and happily sit on my lap till I am done !

  4. you have a great blogging platform i hope you continue your blog...stopping by from the coffee shop pn the blogger forum

  5. LOL! I have 4 kids, and can totaly sympathize..This is my prayer... "Just TWO minutes of ALONE time in the bathroom...PLEASE!?!?"

  6. Megan:
    i am actually a student and have no children but i have little and big sisters. And although I'm sure that your pain is greater than mine, i need my privacy too. So I just lock the door and then there's no way for them to get in.
    And one of my modo's is fight fire with fire.
    If your husbands won't let you alone, then do the same thing to them. When they are in the bathroom go and annoy them. Question them, ask them about anything. From household matters to bills. That way they won't bother you anymore.
    Unless they are very dense... in which case
    Good Luck :)

  7. I totally know what you are saying! my daughter nevers gives me a rest in the bathroom. i am a new blogger but you should check out my blog some times!